Rachael A. Finnegan

Client Relations Manager
  • Rachael was born and raised in Eldridge.
  • She went to college at the University of Northern Iowa where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration and Marketing. 
  • Rachael is very close to her family and friends, many weekends they spend traveling to explore somewhere new together. 
  • Rachael and her boyfriend, Keith, are heavily involved in recreational activities such as bowling, volleyball, baseball, and golf. 
  • Rachael has a background in the banking industry where she worked for a credit union for over five years.



Golden Doodle named Jax

Walking partner and always excited for a pup cup!

Date Night


Anywhere with steak tacos, chips & queso, and a margarita.




Grab my passport, hop on a plane to an island with a sunny beach! 


TV show

The Rookie

My most recent binge. Love all the action and drama!


Live Music Enthusiast

Any type of music, anywhere, always puts me in a good mood!



Cooking and Baking

I love to cook and bake in my free time. Something about a warm hot meal makes happy people and good memories.