How do I know I’m a good fit?

We provide the greatest value when we focus on client situations that require our expertise.

You are a medical professional, an executive in business, or someone who:

  • Has a financial problem that needs fixed, 

  • Doesn’t have the time to properly manage your increasingly complex finances, or

  • Would be eager to outsource your portfolio management and financial planning decisions to a trusted expert

If this describes you, we should talk. Contact us: or (563) 344-0118.


Common Questions

  • How does Nikulski Financial Make Money?

    We do not receive any commissions or sell any products whatsoever. The only thing we “sell” is our advice. We are paid via the fee-only model, which means clients work with us and pay for our services through an annual fee, which is usually deducted from the investment accounts we manage on their behalf.

  • How are you different than other financial advisors?

    We are comprehensive financial planners who focus on the following key areas of personal finance: investment management, risk management, tax planning, retirement planning and estate planning.

    We invest in industry-leading technology to simplify our clients’ lives.

    Rather than only creating financial plans by the numbers, we incorporate a life-planning approach that helps clarify a client’s set of goals, beliefs and values as well.

    We limit the number of new clients we take on to deliver massive value and personalized service.

  • Why should I consider hiring Nikulski Financial?

    Great question! But first, let us explain why you shouldn’t hire us.

    If you’re looking for an advisor who will just manage your portfolio and nothing else, then we’re probably not the best firm for you. We take a long-term holistic approach to managing our client’s money in accordance with their risk tolerance scores (something you’ll hopefully stick around to find out more about…), which all tie into our client’s comprehensive financial plans.

    If you’re interested in things like lowering your tax bill, investing smarter, and creating a retirement income stream, you’re in the right place.