Rose Moore


Rose Moore grew up in Chicago and credits her father with encouraging her to be an artist and for teaching her to draw. She enrolled in community college after high school and decided to pursue art studies and painting at Northern Illinois University . She later pursued an interest in horticulture and landscape design and went on to study and work in that field until her retirement in 2005. Having a keen interest in pastel and it's techniques she has studied and worked in that medium for many years. She has traveled to France with pastel artists David Garrison and Cecile Houel to further her studies in pastel. Several of her pieces have won awards on both the Illinois and Iowa side of the Mississippi River and as far west as Oklahoma. Rose is a member of the Left Bank Art League and the Art Collective group in the Quad Cities. She is with a group of artists that call themselves the Art Garage who show their work together in events in the Quad Cities as well as across the country. Rose's work can also be seen at the Quad City Arts Gallery in Rock Island.



Rose's work on display at Nikulski Financial, Inc. includes the following: 

  • Remnants

  • Cedars on the Hill

  • Kayak

  • Marshlands