Robert Zeidler


Born and raised in Muscatine, Iowa, and after working as an advertising designer and art director for nearly 45 years, Bob is transitioning towards painting and teaching, especially the transparent watercolor medium. He goes on record as claiming to be on a personal crusade to make the medium more respected and appreciated as an art form. “It takes a lot of talent and guts to paint a work of art in watercolor. I applaud those who try.” "For years I’ve enjoyed painting landscapes and river scenes which contain angular architectural items such as boats, buildings, and derelict machinery. Recently though, my attention has been drawn to flowers and plants that I’ve been cultivating in my backyard. It just struck me one day to try my hand at composing art with more earthy, organic shapes. Due to this shift, I’m allowing myself even more freedom to abstract or intuitively create my own shapes and symbols for the botanical subjects. At the same time, I’m also creating stronger, bolder colors. After all, it is called waterCOLOR and I love how the active medium does the work for me, mixing colors I never could have, nor would have even imagined."


Robert's work on display at Nikulski Financial, Inc. includes the following: 

  • L & D 15

  • Boneyard #3

  • Davis County

  • East River Drive

  • Marina Series #2

  • Tall Corn Farm #4