Marinn Cisna

Marinn Cisna is a young artist creating artworks inspired from the beauty of her surroundings. She has formally studied fine art since her early teens; she works in oil paints and is inspired by the old masters. Some of Marin's favorite artists of the past include Sargent, Zorn, Beaux, and Fechin. In addition to studying old masterworks, Marin has studied under contemporary painters Daniel Gerhartz, David Anderson, Daniel Keys, and others. Her works include a wide variety of subjects such as portraits of friends and family, landscapes, and pastoral figurative scenes. She focuses on working directly from life and especially enjoys painting plein air.Ms. Cisna is constantly inspired by the beauty of our world and the Midwest. "I use light, color, value, and edges to express how I feel about the subject matter. I create luminous, emotive work that aligns with my passion for life and nature; I want my work to evoke a sense of other-worldliness and intimacy. Along with music, I believe that art is a path to infinite beauty that points to our Creator," said Ms. Cisna.


Marinn's work on display at Nikulski Financial, Inc. includes the following: 

  • Spring Trees
  • Cows Grazing