Larry Jon Davis

Artist Larry Jon Davis is a native of the Mississippi River town of Clinton, Iowa. His early ability and interest in drawing culminated in 1967 with a B.A. in art from the University of Iowa. The year after graduation, he enlisted in the USAF and spent 4 years based in the East of England. Upon return to America, he renewed his role as an artist and educator. In 1985, partway through his master's program at the U of Iowa, he accepted a position at Florida State College at Jacksonville, where he served for the next 27 years as Professor of Art and Fine Arts Coordinator. Early in this period, he completed his graduate art studies at Jacksonville University. During this time in academia, he also achieved a growing reputation as a printmaker and painter. Finally in 2012, following retirement, he and his wife Jacquie, set a new course by relocating Davis Studios to Knoxville, Illinois, and to the Midwest environment, long an artistic inspiration. During his career Davis’ works have found their way into a broad array of private, corporate, and public collections. Much of this art was influenced by travel in the UK, Continental Europe, Japan, and North America. Over the decades his style has evolved from realistic towards a more expressive and abstracted manner. During the last four years, he has eagerly pursued new effects through the introduction of cold wax medium into his oil painting technique.

Larry's works on display at Nikulski Financial, Inc. include the following: 

  • Flowers for Sale
  • Garden Strollers
  • Lily Pond
  • Calm on Turtle Lake
  • Canadians off the Point