Dynamic Allocation

We emphasize continuous and regular account supervision based on our firm’s Dynamic Allocation Strategy.  The Dynamic Allocation Strategy is a tactical asset management strategy primarily using individual stocks, bonds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) in a tactical way.  We manage three different Dynamic Allocation Strategy portfolios: 

  • Moderately Conservative
  • Moderate
  • Moderately Aggressive

A Risk Tolerance Questionnaire is completed to determine which portfolio is most appropriate.  An Investment Policy Statement (IPS) defines the portfolio’s allocation and is used to put parameters on the portfolio.

Once the appropriate portfolio has been determined, we review the portfolio at least quarterly and if necessary, rebalance the portfolio based upon your individual needs, stated goals and objectives. Each client has the opportunity to place reasonable restrictions on the types of investments to be held in the portfolio.

Financial Planning

We use your goals, beliefs and values to create a financial roadmap. Your individualized plan is based upon your unique circumstances and resources.  Here is what we cover:

  • Cash Flow and Debt Management
  • Risk Management and Insurance Planning 
  • Investment Planning 
  • Income Tax Planning 
  • Retirement Planning 
  • Estate Planning

Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

Employee sponsored retirement plan investments typically represent a sizable portion of a client's investable assets. Because we are a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm, we are able to provide investment management advice for these investments for a fee.  Our sophisticated software allows us to integrate these retirement accounts into a consolidated report.  This allows us to better help you with the big picture. For our self-employed or business owner clients, we also assist in the selection and management of new retirement plans.

Employee Equity Compensation

Many employees receive equity compensation as a supplement to their salaries. This can include incentive stock option and nonqualified stock option plans, restricted stock, and employee stock ownership plans. We provide assistance to help executives manage complex equity compensation packages.

Business Succession Planning 

The business itself is often the largest asset on the owner’s balance sheet.  We assist you in maximizing the opportunity as you elect to transition out of the business or after an unfortunate death or disability.